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A Short Play in Two Acts


 Cast:  17 speaking parts (12m, 5f ) + crowd.
 Suggested Age Range:  8 to 11 or 13
 Approx. Running Time:  40 minutes [ + interval]
 Music:  Any two (or more) well known popular tunes, if possible to be played on stage on any suitable instruments.
 Set: Versatile enough to include a car, a space-ship and two interior scenes; considerable scope for use of lighting and sound effects.
 Synopsis:  A typical English couple are returning home at night when their car stops inexplicably and they are hi-jacked to another planet. Their reactions provide a humorous view of human life, as their children have to be summoned to join them before the inquisitive minds of the space-people can be satisfied. A simple conclusion does not detract from the effective theme of a well-constructed and lively observation of our society.
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ISBN 978 1 872475 04 2

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