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Adrienne Lawrence Howell

A Fantasy for Christmas

 Cast:  16-29 speaking parts (depending on allocation of parts to single or several actors).
 Suggested Age Range:  11 upwards or Pupils & Staff
 Approx. Running Time:  120 minutes [including interval]
 Music:  Scene setting music as required. Piano for audience participation in carol singing.   Musicians for present day & medieval scenes.
 Set:  External door and small railed apron f.o.c.
 Synopsis:  A fantasy journey through Christmas down the ages, Sing Nowell includes audience participation and even the interval can be part of the fantasy. Tommy wants to join in singing Christmas carols, but is rejected because he can't sing in tune. The mysterious Professor Nowell sends him on a journey to find his voice in time for Christmas. Pursed by Herod's agents, helped by the Professor and the audience, Tommy travels back in time. He acts in a Mummers Play, becomes an unwilling apprentice, then a performer in a travelling fair, is imprisoned by a Major General and put in the stocks by the Lord of Misrule before, finally, he arrives in Herod's palace.
Apart from its two principals, the play's casting options can involve a large cast with smallish speaking parts and feature a variety of school or community activities. First performed by Staff and Pupils of Duchy Manor School, Mere, Wiltshire.
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ISBN 978 1 902472 32 4

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