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Matt Smith, John Winson & Stephanie Winson

A One Act Play

 Cast:  12 (including poetry reader) doubling possible.
 Suggested Age Range:  11 upwards
 Approx. Running Time:  35 minutes
 Music:  None
 Set:  A living room and the trenches. Living room can simply be a table and a chair. Trenches either a backdrop or sandbags. Either a split stage or trenches played upstage with living room on tabs. The Fritz scene played downstage requires no setting. The final scene requires a cut out village war memorial played downstage.
 Synopsis:  The play highlights the needless slaughter of World War I particularly on the final day. It throws together a range of characters who together suffer the trauma of the trenches. The play touches on the family of one of the soldiers and how they cope at home .... it has an unexpected and interesting twist at the end.
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ISBN 978 1 902472 31 7

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