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A Christmas Comedy in One Act

by Roger Poole

 Cast:  10 (6m 4f).
 Suggested Age Range: 14-18 (also suitable for an adult cast)
 Approx. Running Time:  30 minutes.
 Music:  One character plays on an electronic keyboard a few bars of the well-known and easy-to-perform Little Donkey by Eric Boswell, and the play ends with a second character picking out that tune with one finger. It is important that the tune is played each time to a rumba beat. We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a verse of Good King Wenceslas are sung unaccompanied during the play.
 Set: A living room with Yamaha organ, basic furniture, Christmas Tree.
 Synopsis: On Christmas Eve, Fred Foskett makes increasingly frantic attempts to prevent discovery of the fact that the Yamaha organ he is giving his wife has been stolen from one of the carol-singing neighbours who, one by one, fill his living room. Unknown to Fred when taking receipt of the instrument from his partners in crime, Stig and Harvey, it is faulty and plays only with a rumba beat. During the action, Stig phones Fred several times to tell him that the police are examining his warehouse. The play ends with a chase, when the organ is played, Fred is exposed, Stig and Harvey arrive on the scene in a panic, and one of the carol singers who is also a policeman tries to make some arrests.
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ISBN 978 1 902472 28 7

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