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A Futuristic Drama for Young People in One Act


 Cast:  28 speaking parts + a group of infants and a group of juniors. Optional chorus of extra 'Rewinds' and 'Fast-Forwards'.
 Suggested Age Range:  9 to 15
 Approx. Running Time:  80 minutes.
 Music:  None.
 Set: Minimalist, futuristic settings: Family Quarters, Nourishment Zone, Assembly Areas. Modern day kitchen or dining room.
 Synopsis: Late in the 22nd Century, Myta, a young admirer of the past, is recruited by Professor Wisdom and his Rewinds to thwart an evil thought-control programme planned by the Fast-Forwards. Their leader, Professor Swift, has developed a self-replicating bio-nanochip to be implanted in the brains of all citizens.
After a virtual reality preview of a 20th Century school, Myta travels back to visit the school and lose the prototype chip, forever. Imagination and creativity win the day and the protagonists (Rewinds and Fast-Forwards) agree to differ.

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 Script:  Code B
 Performance Rights:  Code Y
 Licence to Copy: Code Y
 Video Recording Licence: Code H

ISBN 978 1 902472 24 9

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