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The Second in a Trilogy of Self-contained Plays


Cast: 18 speaking parts (12m, 6f).
Suggested Age Range: 13 upwards.
Approx. Running Time: 75 minutes [ + interval ].
Music: One busker plays accordian and sings.
Set: Mainly in Soho, London, 1963. Includes an Italian café, a city street and St. Pancras Station.
Synopsis: This comedy-drama celebrates the sights and sounds of Soho in the 1960's. Shirley Sutton has run away from her home town in search of her mother. She finds herself in the heart of swinging London, a world of Mods, street folk and glamourous gangsters. The bright lights dazzle her but Shirley soon finds that Soho is a dangerous place - especially when you're sixteen, alone and pregnant.

Runaway Girl is the second in a trilogy of plays featuring the character Shirley Sutton. Her story began in Twist & Shout [P 63] and continues in Shirley's Song [P 65]. The plays can each be performed in isolation.
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ISBN 978 1 902472 21 8