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The First in a Trilogy of Self-contained Plays


with music by JOHN CHEETHAM

Cast: 32 speaking parts (15m, 17f).
Suggested Age Range: 13 upwards.
Approx. Running Time: 90 minutes [ + interval ].
Music: Extracts from various 1960's pop songs (recorded) + an original number.
Set: Various urban locations, 1963. They include a concert hall, classroom, factory canteen and family home.
Synopsis: This comedy-drama celebrates the early days of Beatlemania. When The Beatles come to town, local band Rocky Storm and the Rainclouds win a coveted slot on the bill. Every schoolgirl in town is desperate to see the show but 15 year old Shirley Sutton has a very personal reason for wanting to meet her idol, John Lennon. This character-led play explores the styles, sounds and social mores of the Sixties. It is set in Mansfield (north Nottinghamshire) but could easily be adapted to the many British towns in which The Beatles performed

Twist & Shout is the first in a trilogy of plays featuring the character Shirley Sutton. Her story continues in Runaway Girl [P 64] and Shirley's Song [P 65]. The plays can each be performed in isolation.
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ISBN 978 1 902472 20 1

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