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A play about a computer game causing confusion


 Cast:  23 speaking parts (15m, 8f but some variable m/f).
 Suggested Age Range:  9 to 13 or older
 Approx. Running Time:  80 minutes [ + interval ].
 Music:  Taped music and sound effects. Unaccompanied singing of extracts from three songs.
 Set:  The luxurious home of the Smuglee family and the impoverished headquarters of a gang of crooks - if at all possible, both should be visible on stage at the same time.
 Synopsis:  Cuthbert Smuglee is addicted to computer games and almost believes that he must save the world by defeating the Zorons. During a late night computer "battle" a Zoron-type figure breaks into the house and kidnaps him. Before long he is assisting his captors, the most inept gang of would-be criminals imaginable, to demand a ransom.
Meanwhile the police are called and television reporters arrive; his doting and dotty parents are distraught although his sister Jonquil throws a party to celebrate his disappearance. There is a commotion in the garden: Cuthbert is home. But that is not quite the end of the story!
Production at: King's Hawford Preparatory School, Worcester, 1998

Price Codes: 

 Script:  Code C
 Licence to Copy: Code Y
 Performance Rights:  Code Y
 Video Recording Licence: Code H

ISBN 978 1 902472 14 0

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