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A Play


 Cast:  12 speaking parts (5 m, 4 f, 3 variable m/f)
 Suggested Age Range:  10 upwards - best with a wider range.
 Approx. Running Time:  50 minutes.
 Music:  None.
 Set: Various settings - street corner; a living room; near an airport; a classroom; outside a house; a school playground; and a hospital waiting area. All can be very simple and flexible.
 Synopsis:  Max, a ten year old, has an unshakeable belief in his guardian angel -Rodge. He also seeks to fulfil his dream - to fly! Meanwhile, the dreaded Sibbert brothers pursue him relentlessly, threatening to rip his arm off and beat him with the soggy end! It is a light-hearted play but raises the issues of bullying and loneliness as well as asking whether we should be afraid to be an individual and stand up for what we believe in. After all, haven't we all wanted a friend like Rodge?
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 Script:  Code B
 Performance Rights:  Code Z
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ISBN 978 1 902472 04 1

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