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A Play


 Cast: 10 speaking parts (7 m, 3 f) plus at least 3 others;
optional: two sets of cheerleaders & onlookers
 Suggested Age Range:  11 upwards
 Approx. Running Time:  85 minutes [ + interval]
 Music:  None.
 Sound effects:

Crowd noise.

 Set: Open stage: An English town. Wheel-on counter with till for fish and chip shop; blackboard for classroom; jukebox or sign for Youth Club; one or two gym benches.
 Synopsis:  Pogo Potter has only one ambition - to become quarterback for the Rotherby Rockets, the local junior American football team. But when he is thrown out of the squad, unjustly accused of being a thief, and his Dad's fish and chip shop is threatened with takeover, it's time for a change of game plan. Pogo must use tactics which are not in the playbook to defeat the family's common enemy.
A lively, funny, fast-moving play which is not just for sports fans.
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 Video Recording Licence: Code H

ISBN 978 1 902472 00 3

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