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by Lily Staff

A One Act Play

 Cast:  3 female
 Suggested Age Range:  13 upwards
 Approx. Running Time:  25 minutes
 Music:  Have I Told You Lately That I Love You by Van Morrison - any version
 Set:   Kitchen (cupboard, table and chairs etc.)
 Synopsis:  In the Name of My Mother is a play in one act about a working class family living in the north of England. With no father Anna and Maggie feel pressured to earn money to help their mother. Anna a confident nineteen year old atheist has left school and works as a bar maid, however her younger sister Maggie a devout Christian secretly longs to run away and become a nun but knows that her family would not understand her wishes. One day the death of the girl’s mother causes both to change their outlook on life...Maggie loses her faith condemning the God she once loved and trusted, whilst her sister Anna turns to faith, finding hope and strength in religion.
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 Script:  Code A
 Performance Rights: Code Z
 Licence to Copy: Code Z
 Video Recording Licence: Code H

ISBN 978 1 872475 34 8

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