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adapted from the traditional Italian story used by Prokofiev in his opera


 Cast:  23 speaking parts (9m, 7f, 7 variable) + guards and clowns.
 Suggested Age Range:  9 upwards
 Approx. Running Time:  60 minutes [ + interval]
 Music:  The suite from The Love For Three Oranges (recorded) or similarly characterful music.
 Set:  Palace setting plus drapes and atmospheric lighting. It can be elaborate or simple and many props can be made by the cast.
 Synopsis:  Based loosely around the famous opera, this version includes a Stage Manager and two Assistants who try to influence the story.
The Prince of Clubs is suffering from hypochondria but if he could be made to laugh he might be cured. An entertainment is arranged but Fata Morgana, an evil witch, casts a spell to prevent laughter. She falls over, shows her bloomers and the prince laughs. Furiously she curses him to fall in love with three oranges but they are guarded by Creonta, a giantess who loves to cook humans. The Prince saves the oranges but when they are cut open princesses are inside! Fata Morgana has some more tricks in store but somehow a happy ending is achieved.
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Performance at:
King's Hawford Preparatory School,

by some who have already performed this show:-
"The play was a blast to perform and everyone who attended really enjoyed the show. Of the various versions of ‘The Love for Three Oranges’ I felt this one gave us the most flexibility to really explore the Commedia Characters. The play also poses some interesting problems that are always fun to solve". Bruce Macdonald, Edwin Parr School, Alberta, Canada
"I chose this play because it offered most of the elements I sought: a large cast, reasonably evenly weighted parts, good opportunities for special effects and enough meaty material for young actors to get their teeth into. It proved a good choice; indeed one visitor from London said it was the best prep school production he had ever seen." John Jeffreys, Beaudesert Park Preparatory School, Gloucestershire.
"It was an extremely useful piece which married different styles of theatre together very well.
One member of the audience said: 'If there was entertainment like this every night I would throw away my television.'." Alistair Hunter, Levenmouth YMCA and Behind The Scenes Youth Theatre.
"An ambitious project for a small school but the humour was much appreciated!" Mrs. B. Huntley, Sacred Heart Preparatory School, Chew Magna, Bristol.

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ISBN 978 1 872475 88 2

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