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extremely freely adapted from R. L. Stevenson


 Cast: 20 speaking parts (mostly m, but several adapable m/f and some doubling possible) + crowd. 
 Suggested Age Range:  10 to 14 but could extend upwards.
 Approx. Running Time:  90 minutes [ + interval]
 Music:  The occasional sea shanty (well laced with rum).
 Set: Bristol docks; On a ship at sea; Treasure Island.
 Synopsis:  When Billy Bones dies of the black spot at Jim Hawkins' Inn, Jim (who's a bit of a lad), together with the Very Upper-Class Squire Trelawny and the equally Stiff Upper-Lip Dr. Livesey, find his secret treasure map and resolve to get rich quick. They hire a ship, whose trusty crew turn out to be pirates, led by the monopod parrot fancier, Long John Silver. Jim's mother, a formidable lady, has stowed away on the ship, causing all manner of complications, which are in no way reduced once the island is reached and the true identity of Ben Gunn - custodian of a collection of rare historic coins and patron of amateur dramatics - is finally revealed. Calamity and hilarity compete throughout the piece but all the fatal episodes are rapidly cleared up by the two ubiquitous Undertakers for whom business remains good.
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by some who have already performed this show:-
"We all enjoyed the play enormously. Some of the more adult references had to be explained to the cast but the audience found many of the jokes amusing."
Edward Derbyshire, Cheltenham College Junior School.
"Very humourous play - hugely enjoyed! We received many favourable comments about what fun the children were having and about how funny the play is."
Mr. S. Robinson, The Mount School, Bromsgrove.

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ISBN 978 1 872475 76 9

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