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A Play in One Act


 Cast:  8 speaking parts, all important (4 m, 4 f)
 Suggested Age Range:  10 to 18 (2 young, 6 "adult").
 Approx. Running Time:  40 minutes
 Music:  None.
 Set: Ideally a split level - upstage the garden of a family house, downstage the interior of an air raid Shelter. Simple furniture to include a set of bunk beds.
 Synopsis:  The action takes place inside and outside the Anderson Shelter in the Coombes family's back garden during a night of heavy bombing raids on a Midlands industrial town during World War Two. The shelter becomes a place of refuge for more than just the family. The situation engenders tensions between and within the different generations. Courage is not the sole prerogative of the fighting forces!
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ISBN 978 1 872475 60 8

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