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A Play of the Nativity


 Cast:  26 speaking parts (9m, 5 f, 12 m/f) some doubling possible. Can also include up to 60 children in orchestra, choir, mime, cabaret.
 Suggested Age Range:  8 to 11.
 Approx. Running Time:  60 to 70 minutes including music and palace entertainment scene; 30 minutes without.
 Music:  Is not essential. However, there is an ideal slot for a lavish Palace entertainment scene which could include any pieces of music which the class / school / orchestra / choir are working on. The play is also enhanced by the inclusion of Christmas songs/music between each scene.
 Set: The play works well in the round with no scenery at all, or on a traditional stage with token or full scenery.
 Synopsis:  A humorous look at everyday life in Israel at the time of Christ's birth. Everyone from the Nativity story is there - but have you ever seen them like this before? There's Herod the Hugely Horrible who thinks he's Elvis Presley in a future life; the gossipy innkeepers' wives whose inns are stuffed with travellers; and many more, all getting on with their everyday lives, unaware that the new baby in Elisheba's stable will change the course of history.
Bethlehem is fun to perform, humorous to watch and easily rehearsed because each scene is completely self-contained.
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ISBN 978 1 872475 55 4

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