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A Play


 Cast:  14 main roles (8 f, 6 m) + "pupils".
 Suggested Age Range:  13 upwards.
 Approx. Running Time:  85 minutes.
 Music:  Taped instrumental blues for links and mood, but any type of music could be appropriate.
 Set: Exterior of school, classroom and Headteacher's office. A diagram and explicit notes are included with the script.
 Synopsis:  Two new teachers start at Broadway High School. Kate Dale copes, Michael Woggle struggles. It doesn't take long for incidents to overtake the developing relationship. In the meantime Brigette attempts to put on the school production with support and hindrance from a variety of interesting characters. The play moves from the hilarious to gripping recognisable reality. There are opportunities to portray strong demanding characters as well as numerous support roles. A very comical, powerful and satisfying drama.
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 Script:  Code D

 Performance Rights:  Code Y

 Licence to Copy: Code Y
 Video Recording Licence: Code H

ISBN 978 1 872475 49 3

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