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Freely adapted from an idea in Thomas Hardy's poem "The Oxen"


 Cast:  23 speaking parts (10 m, 13 f). Some doubling possible.
 Suggested Age Range:  8 to 14 or 16. Ideally there should be a contrast between the 'children' and the 'adults'.
 Approx. Running Time:  45 minutes.
 Music:  There is a lullaby for one voice accompanied by a recorder.
 Set: Can be performed adequately with a basic 'unit' set, with changes of props and lighting to suggest the various locations. However, there should be some suggestion of the period, c.1900. An appropriate representation of the exterior of the barn in the final scene is desirable.
 Synopsis:  Intrigued by the legend of the oxen kneeling on the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, Ralph, Lizzie and Laura go in search of the truth of the legend. On their nocturnal journey they meet an array of people who all end up at an isolated barn. The setting works its own 'magic'.
A play for Christmas which contains the essence of the seasonal message.

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ISBN 978 1 872475 48 6

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