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A Play of the Brontës


 Cast:  6 (3 m, 3 f). All 45 characters are normally played by the six actors.
 Suggested Age Range:  15 upwards.
 Approx. Running Time:  120 minutes [ + interval]
 Music:  Mixture of traditional and original. Emily is the pianist for the traditional pieces; the original songs are unaccompanied.
 Set: A large pulpit should dominate the stage with a clear cyclorama behind; two areas represent rooms of the Parsonage. The whole design should be stark.
 Synopsis:  In the spring of 1820 the new incumbent moved into the Parsonage at Haworth, North Yorkshire, with his dying wife and six small children. In those times only those with iron constitutions lived beyond the age of thirty and only the Parson himself and his son-in-law lived into old age. But this was a power-house of creative energy - reams of prose and verse, blood, fire, torrential passions and granite love. They lived largely in a dream world and, although Charlotte achieved fame in her lifetime and there were brief bursts of fun, this is a gothic melodrama and a human tragedy. It takes off on flights of imagination and euphoria and returns finally to cold reality.
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