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A "Green" Thriller


 Cast:  30 (mostly variable m/f) + crowd. Some doubling possible.
 Suggested Age Range:  11 to 16 or older.
 Approx. Running Time:  75 minutes.
 Music:  None.
 Set: Various locations, exterior and interior. Can be done simply with lighting and movable props or there is scope to present it more ambitiously.
 Synopsis:  Douglas Mitchell is a young, up-and-coming "Green" politician standing for The Environment Party. An outspoken campaigner and whistleblower on ecological issues he becomes a marked man under investigation by a secret Government agency. Framed and jailed for arson he is helped by an investigative journalist who himself becomes the target.
This is a fast moving thriller set against a backdrop of pressing ecological issues. Through varied characters and an exciting storyline it gives a realistic insight into the way that the environment, power and corruption may be inextricably interwoven and can affect our lives.
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ISBN 978 1 872475 42 4