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A Short Play


 Cast:  13 speaking parts (7 m, 6 f) + crowd.
 Suggested Age Range:  10 to 16.
 Approx. Running Time:  35 minutes.
 Music:  None.
 Set:  In a schoolroom which doubles as a youth club; in the playground and on a piece of urban waste ground.
 Synopsis:  Des, an enthusiastic youth leader, is delighted when asked to organise the municipal bonfire for November 5th but some of the "local lads" prefer to scorn the "goodies" who work hard on the project. The night of November 4th proves too tempting for the "heavies" who set the fire alight, not realising the precautions which had been taken to prevent them. The near-tragic result has a positive lesson for all.
A lively approach in a play especially suitable for an autumn production, with realism, humour and a clear message all sitting side by side in an enjoyable but poignant short piece of theatre.
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ISBN 978 1 872475 27 1

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