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Book and lyrics by DIANE BROOKS

Music composed and arranged by NEIL STEVENS

 Cast:  Minimum 30 (16m, 14f, with multiple parts) Up to 70 speaking parts.
 Suggested Age Range:  11 upwards
 Approx. Running Time:  90 minutes [ + interval]
 Music:  Solos, small group numbers and full chorus numbers. Backing tracks for full score.
 Set:  On one side of the stage there needs to be a permanent set of Joe's lounge and bedroom with  a  rear view of a TV set. The rest can be achieved by using simple props to show the change  of films.
 Synopsis:  A young boy called Joe, who is obsessed with films, is given a special TV remote control by  his friends, which unbeknownst to them, magically transports him into the films he is watching,  unable to return to real life. Trapped in a world of fantasy, he journeys through several genres
 in an adventure fraught with danger, encountering along the way Cowboys, Pirates, Wizards  and Aliens to name a few. His three friends realise what has happened and go in after him to  try and bring him back, but are always one step behind, thus resulting in some rather
awkward  and farcical situations, as they get caught up in the action of the various films.
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ISBN 978 1 902472 33 1

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