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A Rock Musical



Cast: 48 speaking parts (23m, 25f but many variable m/f; with doubling can reduce to about 30) + singing narrator (m/f) + crowd (many singing/dancing) + (optional) dog.
Suggested Age Range: 13 to 18
Approx. Running Time: 100 minutes [ + interval]
Music: A lively, varied, pop-orienated score; solos, small group and big musical numbers; scored for electronic keyboards + optional live instruments.
Set: Contemporary and versatile, changed by the cast as part of the action.
The setting varies from the London Underground to a bedroom; from a theatre agent's office to a boutique . . . . and more! All can be symbolic.
Synopsis: Young singer / songwriter Martin Cole's new single reaches the pop charts and he discovers that being successful is not what he expected. Pressure from local radio DJ's, his agent and the advertising moguls closes in on him and on his relationships with his very ordinary family, girl friend and other friends.
With an "Elvis-type" spoof of a nightmare, a gaggle of performing Brownies and a chaotic film-set sequence, this piece offers great scope for imagination, versatility and humour.
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ISBN 978 1 872475 25 7

LUMPY CUSTARD was the winner as Best Original Production in the
1990 Barclays Bank Youth Music Theatre Awards.

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