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A Musical Play


 Cast:  12 speaking parts (7 m, 5 f, or 11 m, 1 f) + chorus.
 Suggested Age Range:  8 to 13
 Approx. Running Time:  75 minutes
 Music:  Nine songs (including three reprises); piano accompaniment.
 Set:  An old barn.
  The children are preparing a float for Birchdale Village Carnival; it is to be a space ship and they are dressed as Space Invaders. In the same barn Professor Stroganoff is busy constructing what he fervently hopes will be a Time Machine. The children decide to hoax him into thinking that it works and that he has landed on another planet. He is almost taken in - but the practical joke is interrupted by the bombastic entrance of the Mayoress, a bossy dragon with her comic husband Hercules, a henpecked mouse.
She threatens to drop the children from the Carnival parade, bullies her husband and insults the Professor and his invention. In return, he persuades her inside the Time Machine, which succeeds in transporting both of them, not to another century but into the village duck pond. Lessons are learnt and all ends well!
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ISBN 978 1 872475 83 7

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