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A Fun Musical Nativity

Words and Music by JEAN CROOK

 Cast:  19 speaking parts + crowd, dancers & choir.
 Suggested Age Range:  7 to 13 but could extend upwards.
 Approx. Running Time:  70 minutes [ + interval]
 Music:  14 songs (+ other instrumentals) wide ranging in style, including ballads, rock 'n' roll and gospel. Strong melodic lines and scope for choreography (including soft shoe shuffle, etc). Accompaniment for piano and drums; orchestral parts could be available.
 Set: Simple and flexible: raised area or platform for God. Can be staged "in the round".
 Synopsis:  A colourful version of the Nativity providing ample opportunity for strong acting and good singing. The story of the birth of Christ containing an aerobics routine, belly dancers at the court of Herod and a very "human" God! There are serious moments but the overall atmosphere is light-hearted and joyous. A fun musical for almost any age group.
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ISBN 978 1 872475 77 6

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