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Seth The Swineherd

A musical play



Cast: 25 (17 m, 8 f but some variable) + chorus.
Suggested Age Range: 9 to 13
Approx. Running Time: 80 minutes [ + interval]
Music: 13 songs (+ four reprises) in a variety of styles for flexible mix of group and solo. Scope for choreography. Accompaniment for piano or keyboard; possible addition of other instruments.
Set: A school stage or acting area - as found when not in use - which converts (partly during the action of Act I) to a Castle Chapel for Act II. The Chapel may be as primitive or elaborate as desired.
Synopsis: The School Play mirrors - "with utmost seriousness and sincerity!" - the familiar difficulties involved in the production of this annual obligation. The first act leads us through the choice of play, the auditions and the rehearsals - watched over by critical parents and a relentless calendar. The second act is an overplayed, "forsooth" laden, performance of the predictable final scene of a mediaeval gem entitled "Seth The Swineherd":- Princess loves Swineherd but must marry Brave Knight; Brave Knight proves himself a coward when confronted by a spider; love and Swineherd triumph!
Production at: Holmwood House Preparatory School, Colchester, 1999
Set design by:SchoolPlay Productions Limited

by some who have already performed this show:-
"I am sure that the the of The School Play will strike a chord with a potential director who is casting around for a suitable play. We greatly enjoyed putting it into production this year and I feel it is thoroughly deserving of a wider audience."
Tim Baldwin, Kent College Junior School, Canterbury.
"Lots of humour on various levels added to the enjoyment for all involved. Greatly enjoyed by audiences who were unfailingly complimentary."
Amanda Carr, St. Ives School, Haslemere, Surrey.

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ISBN 978 1 872475 73 8

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