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A Victorian Musical


Cast: 50 or more, including 12 principals (8 m, 4 f) and many other speaking and/or chorus parts.
Suggested Age Range: 10 - 18 (could extend downwards)
Approx. Running Time: 120 minutes [ + interval]
Music: A full score with a range of comic, poignant and dramatic numbers including up tempo chorus routines suitable for choreography, ballads, solos and duets. Easily adapted for a smaller band.
Set: Act One : A Victorian School.
Act Two : In and around the streets of Victorian London.
Synopsis: Dancer Jessie Kemp has fallen on hard times and benefactor Sir George Farthing has found her employment at Bradshaw's School, as a maidservant. She attracts the attention of an assistant master, Henry Mould, who is already a source of romantic interest for another servant, Daisy, while Jessie herself falls for debonair Mr. Matthews. Joseph Farthing, a pupil, overhears a conversation concerning his father's financial difficulties. He runs away to London. A pursuit leads to the sinister domain of Silas Webber who runs an "academy" for chimney sweeps' boys.
The mood is alternately funny, lively, romantic and finally dramatic as Henry risks all to save Joseph from the villain's clutches.
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ISBN 978 1 872475 64 6

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