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One Little Boy

Cast: 16 (11m, 1f, 4 variable) + chorus.
Suggested Age Range: 5 to 7
Approx. Running Time: 40 minutes
Music: 7 original carols with piano or organ accompaniment.
Set: Designed for performance in Church or in a School Hall, so adaptable to circumstances.
Synopsis: The traditional Christmas story, with the characters more realistic than sometimes and including several small touches of humour.

The Piper of Dreams

Cast: 40 upwards
Suggested Age Range: 6 to 8
Approx. Running Time: 50 minutes
Music: 6 original songs, one with actions. Simple piano accompaniment.
Set: A woodland.
Synopsis: All our dreams come from the magic notes of the Piper, who weaves them each night from under a tree in a wood. He summons six children to help provide a Dream for the Future and animals who explain why they are frightened of humans. Then monsters arrive who, to the childrens' surprise, turn out to be men and women - hunters, farmers, developers, yobbos and even picnickers. With the Piper's help the children show the monsters what they have to do to protect the environment.

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Script: Code A

 Licence to Copy: One Little Boy Code Z
 Licence to Copy: The Piper of Dreams Code Z
Piano Score: Code F

Rehearsal Cassette: Code F

Songs: Demo Cassette: Code B

Performance Rights: One Little Boy Code Z

Performance Rights: The Piper of Dreams Code Z
 Video Recording Licence: Code H

ISBN 978 1 872475 56 1

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