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A Musical


Cast: 30 speaking parts + other n/s pupils and teachers.
Suggested Age Range: 11 to 13, but could extend upwards
Approx. Running Time: 110 minutes [+ interval]
Music: Eleven original songs in a variety of styles: rock 'n' roll, calypso, musical chorus, etc. Piano or small band accompaniment.
Set: Several different locations within a school: office, classroom, science lab., study and corridor.
Synopsis: There are unusual goings-on at Saint Bozo's Preparatory School. Several of the staff have disappeared and the science master is behaving very strangely. Meanwhile Findlay Scroggs, the new scripture teacher, arrives, and soon finds himself in the midst of a dastardly plot to raise teachers from the dead and turn all the children into zombies. Includes the immortal line, "Headmasters know everything".
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by some who have already performed this show:-
"This play was very good for my purpose in having a large number of specific roles which gave cast members their own particular parts instead of being a chorus member. It was ajoy to perform and parents obviously enjoyed the fact that so many had a proper part to play. The score was very good."
Sarah Muffett, Pitmaston Primary School, Worcester.
"Very bright and witty piece with jokes working on several levels; 11 year olds enjoyed presenting it. Two nights of delighted parents and friends."
A. Mingham, Ranby House Preparatory School, Retford, Nottinghamshire.
"St. Bozo's is the most popular play (in the children's eyes particularly) performed in the past six years at St. Andrew's. It is our second production of the piece. The Year 8's have loved working with the script, which has lots of opportunities for cameo roles to develop."
Andrea Inglis, St. Andrew's Preparatory School, Eastbourne.

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ISBN 978 1 872475 47 9

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