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A Family Musical

Words and Music by MARY HONOR

Cast: 16 speaking parts (14m, 2f ) + crowd.
Suggested Age Range: 8 to 13 but could extend upwards.
Approx. Running Time: 80 minutes [ + intervals]
Music: Several up-tempo tunes, mostly in 1920s styles, some set for choreography. Accompaniment should be small band (piano, guitar, 2 clarinets, trombone, cello or bass and percussion) but could be piano and drums. Ideally a small string group also on stage.
Set: From auction room, through antique shop, quayside and ship's deck, to middle-eastern road and finally palace; can mostly be very simple effects.
Synopsis: Back to the 1920s for a tale of intrigue, a little magic and good clean fun, helped along by lively music and dance. An adventurous young hero, the irrepressible Egbert Worthy, with liberal helpings of cheek and ingenuity, defies authority, reunites the twin Genies and saves the Padisah of Zevkli from a nasty coup.
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Production at: Holmwood House Preparatory School, Colchester, 1995
Set design by: SchoolPlay Productions Limited

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ISBN 978 1 872475 12 7

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