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A Musical of the 1960's (with apologies to Charles Dickens)

Words and Music by ANTHONY LEE

Cast: 28 (18m, 10f) + crowd.
Suggested Age Range: 8 to 13
Approx. Running Time: 105 minutes [ + interval]
Music: A variety of solos and group numbers in 1960's styles; accompaniment can be by piano and drums, keyboards or small band.
Set: Carnaby Street, London in 1968 outside two fish and chip shops; in an office; a basement sweat shop; a meeting room; and the interiors of the chippies.
Synopsis: Two charladies become observers/commentators on this flippant story of Olive, who has run away to London to escape the cruelty of the orphanage where she was made to eat all the food which was piled daily on her plate. She finds herself among other young runaways confined to the sweat shop operated by Boss Snakeyes Santana and his gang. The appearance of protest groups (the duped Hare Krishna followers and an inept bunch of anarchists) add life and colour to the scene as the police, searching for Olive (whose parents have been found), accidentally trap Santana and his gang at the same time.
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by some who have already performed this show:-
"It was good to have so many main parts, which gave more children the opportunity for a 'meaty' role. The 60's was a hit with both the audience and the cast. Very favourable comments."
Mary Hands, Marston Middle School, Oxford.

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ISBN 978 1 872475 17 2

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