Licences to perform No performance of any play or musical may be given unless a Licence has been obtained from
SchoolPlay Productions Limited
before rehearsals commence.
Posters and programmes All posters and programmes must display:
"By arrangement with SchoolPlay Productions Limited"
above the title.
Scripts and scores *Photo-copying of scripts and scores is illegal.
Even if you hold a licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency, this only allows you to photo-copy up to 5% (ie. one page in 20) of the whole script.

It does NOT allow you to photo-copy any printed music (including the words).
The financial penalties for infringing these legal requirements can be very high - please do not take the risk.

*However it is now possible to buy a LICENCE TO COPY
for some of our plays - see below.
Licences to copy You can now buy a Licence to Copy for any of our plays you can currently view on screen - a copy of the script will be emailed to you (after payment is received) which can be copied as required.
This is a new service which is currently being implemented and eventually will be available for all our titles.
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